Magnetic Materials Lab., IMR


Materials Fabrication for Magnetics / Spintronics by Artificial Nanostructure Control

 Magnetic properties based on electron spins and transport properties of electrons are closely correlated in magnetic nanostructures, which makes it possible to control electric signals (current/voltage) by magnetic signals (magnetization), and conversely, magnetic signals by electric and/or optical signals. A new electronics utilizing these mutual controls is called "Spintronics".

 Particularly, we are interested in magnetic ordered alloys or nanoparticles, and fabricate nanolayered structures, tunnel junctions or composite device structures with these materials to investigate novel magnetic and magnetotransport properties. Prominent results obtained to date include the observation of spin accumulation and the determination of spin lifetime in metallic nanoparticles, the discovery of giant spin-Hall effect in a system with perpendicularly magnetized FePt, and the enhancement of the giant magnetoresistance effect in a half-metallic Heusler alloy system. Recently we are proceeding with the study from the viewpoint of spin current, a fundamental concept in spintronics, and study on the interaction between spin current and thermal energy, which is called "Spin caloritronics".

  Recent problem of resource depletion requires of us the development of noble metal-free and rare earth-free hard magnetis. We are also doing on the fabrication of new ordered alloys with hard magnetic properties, which consists of only 3d transition metals such as Fe, Co, Ni.

Selected Publications

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Fund: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S)/ 科研費・基盤(S)
Project title: Renaissance of Metallic Superlattices / 金属人工格子ルネサンス
PI: Koki Takanashi / 高梨 弘毅
Term: FY 2018-2022

Fund: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)/ 科研費・基盤(A)
Project title: Highly efficient magnetization manipulation by spin conversion in ferromagnetic ordered alloys / 強磁性規則合金内のスピン変換を利用した高効率磁化制御
PI: Takeshi Seki / 関 剛斎
Term: FY 2020-2022

Fund: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)/ 科研費・基盤(C)
Project title: Enhancement of anomalous Nernst effects in ferromagnetic nitride films by third element additions and fabricating multilayered structures / 強磁性窒化鉄薄膜への第三元素添加と多層構造化による異常ネルンスト効果の増大
PI: Keita Ito / 伊藤 啓太
Term: FY 2021-2023

Fund: Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research (Exploratory)/ 科研費・挑戦的研究(萌芽)
Project title: Challenge for Strain-induced Magnetization Switching in magnetic single crystal film grown on freestanding menbrane / 自立型メンブレン上磁性単結晶薄膜における歪み誘起磁化反転への挑戦
PI: Takeshi Seki / 関 剛斎
Term: FY 2022-2023