Seki Lab (Magnetic Materials), IMR


Materials Fabrication for Magnetics / Spintronics by Nanostructure Control

 At the nanoscale, magnetic properties based on electron spins are closely correlated with various transport phenomena, and we are allowed to exploit magnetic properties that are not apparent in a macroscale magnet. For spintronics enabling the mutual conversion between magnetic and electrical properties and magnetics studying on various kinds of magnetic devices, magnetic materials with high functionality by nanostructure control are indispensable. Our group works on the materials fabrication and the fundamental research on physical phenomena for magnetics and spintronics based on nanostructure-control techniques. The achievements obtained to date include the fabrication of spin-to-charge conversion materials, the demonstration of spin-orbitronics devices using synthetic antiferromagnets, highly efficient thermoelectric conversion using anomalous Nernst effect of metallic superlattices, and the fabrication of noble metal-free and rare earth-free magnetic ordered alloy with high magnetic anisotropy.

ナノ構造制御によるマグネティクス / スピントロニクス材料の創製


Overview of our research / 研究室概要

What is Spintronics? / スピントロニクスとは?

Research activity / 最近の研究例

Experimental methods / 実験装置・手法など

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Fund: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)/ 科研費・基盤(A)
Project title: Artificial fabrication of 3-dimensional noncollinear magnetic order and magnetization manipulation by spin torque / 3次元ノンコリニア磁気秩序の人工創製とスピントルク磁化操作
PI: Takeshi Seki / 関 剛斎
Term: FY 2023-2026